Vaginal Restoration Specialist

The aging process, childbirth, and hormonal fluctuations can all take a toll on your vaginal tissues. For women in Gainesville, Georgia, Kent Miller Gynecology offers the very latest tools and technology to help you restore healthy vaginal function. Don’t suffer in silence when there’s a safe and effective path toward vaginal restoration. Call or try the online scheduling tool today to set up your one-on-one consultation.

Vaginal Restoration Q & A

What causes vaginal changes?

Just like the tissues throughout the rest of your body, your vaginal tissues go through changes over time. The aging process causes the tissue in your vaginal walls to thin, making it more likely to tear during intercourse.

Vaginal moisture also declines as you age, which can make sex uncomfortable. Many women notice an increase in vaginal itching, irritation, and even a burning sensation as they enter and move through menopause.

Childbirth also places a great deal of strain on your vaginal walls and can change sexual gratification for both you and your partner. In years past, these issues were simply accepted as an unavoidable part of motherhood and the aging process. Thankfully, advancements in medical technology have created innovative new treatments that can restore vaginal comfort and function.

What is vaginal restoration?

Vaginal restoration is the process of prompting your body to rebuild healthy vaginal tissue. After researching all available treatment platforms, Dr. Miller made the decision to introduce the SeleneTouchⓇ laser into his practice.

This platform is a micro-ablative laser. That means it uses concentrated beams of light to create microscopic injuries in the targeted tissue, leaving surrounding tissues intact.

Treatments prompt your body’s natural healing response. As your body regenerates healthy new tissue to replace the damaged cells, your vaginal walls grow thicker and tighter. New collagen is produced, new blood vessels develop, and your vaginal mucosa thickens, restoring healthy vaginal moisture levels.

What makes vaginal restoration such an exciting treatment is the fact that the process doesn’t rely on invasive surgery or pharmaceutical intervention. The results occur based on the power of your natural healing abilities.

Is vaginal restoration painful?

All this talk of lasers and microscopic injury can certainly make you a bit uneasy about this treatment option. However, the SeleneTouch laser treatment system is carefully calibrated to deliver results without creating undue damage.

Treatments sessions are well-tolerated and are not painful. You may notice a sensation of warmth or vibration during each session, but there should be no significant discomfort. In fact, many women find their treatment to be relaxing, even though sessions only take a few minutes to complete.

Vaginal restoration requires no advance preparation, no anesthesia, and no downtime. You should avoid having vaginal intercourse for a few days after each treatment to give your body a chance to heal and adjust, but you can return to your normal daily activities right away.

To learn more about this amazing treatment approach, book a consultation with Kent Miller Gynecology online or by phone.